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Interview with Michael Mercier

In this episode, we sit down with Michael Mercier, the president of Screen Education. We discuss our shared interest in understanding and managing screentime, or what we call mindful technology / digital wellness. We go over our collaboration on investigating and facilitating retreats from technology and how screen time affects young people. We conclude with a look at projects coming down the road. Enjoy!

Dan Dodge Interview Part 1

An interview with Dan Dodge at Hiram College - Part 1

Dan Dodge Interview Part 2

An interview with Dan Dodge at Hiram College - Part 2

Brad Goodner on Podcasting for Teaching and Learning

We sit down with Dr. Brad Goodner and jam on the variety of means and benefits of using Podcasting for teaching and learning. Brad has used podcasting to deliver instructional content, as well as a project assignment for his students. Enjoy!

2019 Hiram College